If you are interested in becoming an advocate,

please Fill out the following form. You will be contacted by a member of the she has a name board of directors who will answer any questions and help you as a partner .

advocate Packs will be ready to be mailed in late september.

  • Advocates will accept the responsibility of committing to raise one year worth of support for one of our girls - $3,500. Advocates are not personally responsible for the goal amount.
  • Advocates can choose from a variety of fund-raisers or one-on-one meeting opportunities.
  • Advocates will be assigned any one of our girls, but may feel free to request a particular girl.
  • Advocates will be provided resources to help raise support, including brochures, video resources, etc...
  • Advocates may be asked to share photos and stories from fund-raising events for our website, Facebook page or to enhance future Advocate Packs.