Emeldah is excelling in school. She is less than two years away from entering college and has grown to be best friends with Lydia.

Emeldah is sponsored through June of 2018.

We need to raise $3,500 to sponsor Emeldah through June of 2019.


Finding Emeldah - May, 2015

Emeldah Kagena is 19. We met Emeldah on the Streets of Mbuthia - a notorious skid row in North Mathare. Blythe's brother, Liesen, paid Emeldah 500 Shillings (about $6) not to work that night. She will never work in the sex industry again! Emeldah joined the group at church the next day and spent the next nine days with us. It is easy to imagine that if Emeldah had been born in the United States, she would be finishing her freshman year of college as an honor student in any field, but in Mathare she was a nameless girl getting by with the only resource she had - her body. Emeldah's practical nature made her a different kind of a prostitute - she wore no makeup and was dressed in filthy clothes. She just made herself available.

She will stay at the Flatted Fifth in Huruma until September when she will join fellow She Has a Name friends Sharon and Lydia in Boarding School in Ngong. She is extremely bright and frank. She will begin High School and is looking forward to this opportunity in life. Her name is Emeldah.