Livinia is funded through June of 2017.

Anita is funded through June of 2017.

We need to raise $6,500 to fund Livinia through June of 2018 because she will be entering university.

It will cost $960 to send Anita to boarding school in 2017/18.


 Finding Livinia - May, 2015

Livinia Wangare Wambui is 20, and looked the part of an experienced dancer and prostitute.  At first, our team was concerned that Livinia might be beyond our help - she was distant and had a toughness about her that, frankly, caused us to be concerned that she was only interested in working us for a financial gain. Her friend, Sarah, was with her all the time and they were difficult to get very close to in conversation. As the days passed, she kept showing up, always looking like she was ready to go to her work, hustling drinks in a bar for the right to use a back  room with the men who paid her for her body. When we met her daughter, five-year od Anita, our understanding of Livinia began to change. Anita was beautiful and well-cared for. Livinia's love and pride for Anita was obvious, and her mothering skills were very refined. When we discovered that Anita was in public school (incredibly rare in Mathare - less than 2% of children), we realized what Livinia was doing with her earnings. Even then, our decision to invite Livinia into the program was not easy - we worried that it had to be either she and Sarah together or niether of them since they were so close. We had selected four and Livinia was not one of them and we were seconds away from making it official when a team member said we should pray one more time. After the prayer, one of us said, "I just feel like we might need to reconsider Livinia." About six people at once shouted, "Me, too!" and Livinia was in the program.

Although sponsorship in the program will mean that Livinia and Anita will not be together every night, her mothering heart for Anita drew us to her. In the end, they will benefit greatly by the changes She Has a Name is bringing. She will be starting sixth grade at an Adult School in September. Pray for grace as she adjusts to spending less time with Anita, but know that they can be together as often as she needs. We are also sponsoring Anita to attend public school, currently in Class 1.