Lydia and her new best friend Emeldah are doing well at boarding school. Lydia is showing interest in journalism and is excited about having Shyanne Halalilo joining the staff in Nairobi.

Lydia is sponsored through June of 2018.

We need to raise $3,500 to fund her through June of 2019.

Finding Lydia - May, 2015

Lydia Anzemo is 17. She worked at a cafe where she could be bought like a porn magazine by men. The owner of the cafe would give her a bonus when she slept with the customers - usually about one hundred shillings (a little more than a dollar).  This makes Lydia much more a victim of trafficking and less like many of the older girls who were more active in managing their own business. When we met Lydia, we were all just in love with her - she was shy and sweet, and extremely defferential. I think we all felt like Lydia has been extremely resilliant - a flower that has not been destroyed by the harsh environment in which it was planted.

She will stay at the Flatted Fifth until September, when she will begin Class 8 in the boarding School at Ngong (joining Emeldah). She is quiet and reserved. She began to shake when we told her that she was accepted into the program. Her name is Lydia.