We call this, “She Has a Name”

Love is not theoretical – it is individual and it is practical. At She Has a Name, we teach that Love is meeting needs. We can say we love the people of Mathare, but if a real person does not feel the touch of our lives into hers, nothing loving has really happened. We cannot love all the people of Mathare, but we can love a few very well. We want to find and get to know by name real live girls who are really disappearing into the abyss of prostitution, take them by the hand and pull them to solid ground. We want to learn their names and their stories, and we want to use the emotional and spiritual victory of each rescued girl to raise money to rescue another girl. We hope what has started with 3 young ladies (Sharon, Christine and Florence) will grow into a ministry that serves a huge crowd of real live girls, each free from the life of despair and degradation that they would otherwise face. The hardest part of this project is that when we learn the name and take the hand of any given girl in the slums, we must recognize that every other teen prostitute in Mathare is left behind. We cannot rescue them all. We cannot currently even rescue ten of them. But the ones we do rescue, we will recue well. We will walk with them from rescue through restoration all the way through college graduation, if that is the road our friend will take to success.

There is no “phase-out” plan in this ministry in which we expect the girls to gradually facilitate their own rescue while we back away financially. Any financial gain the girls make through legitimate employment will be their own and they are not expected to inherit the responsibility of their rescue plan.

The Plan

The plan is very simple. She Has a Name ministry teams will seek to raise funds to support these girls. The Inspiration Centre team will do much of the hard work of providing the day-to-day care, discipleship and mentoring of these young ladies. During visits from the states, She Has a Name teams may help to select girls to be included in the program, and will bring training and support from the states. Involving Americans will raise interest and money. American teams will also bring friendship and new relationships into the dynamic, offering increased possibility through networking.

The girls will be housed in the Flatted Fifth building. Two girls to a room with a house mother. We will pay their rent, food and clothing expenses, school expenses and overhead costs for around $250 per month each. As they get older, costs will increase. High School is more expensive than primarary school, and college is more expensive yet. The House mothers are given a stipend each month, as well. There is an initial apartment expense to set up living needs (new clothes, beds, fridge, and stove, etc...) that would be about $1,000 per girl. To sponsor two girls and a housemother for their first year will cost approximately $8,000 - 9,000.  We will need to have $18,000 to rescue four girls on the 2015 trip. We want to stay several years ahead on each girl rescued, so we will use advocates who commit to raise support for each girl's future needs. For example, we hope that one advocate might pledge to raise Sharon's support for 2018, while another advocate might raise her support for 2019. Once we anticipate that a girl is funded through College graduation, we can focus on other girls in need!

Horatio Alger was an American author in the mid 1800’s. He wrote stories in which his heroes were often young boys living in poverty, who were able to achieve success through a simple formula. Alger’s young champions would find that faith in God, hard work, good decisions and a little luck would result in a freedom from poverty. We hope to transfer this method, with minor tweaks, which will result in the deliverance of select girls from a life of prostitution, disease and early death.