Our Housemothers and

Peer Mentors

We have a wonderful partnership with our housemothers and peer mentors who share in a win-win situation with us. The housemothers have a chance to earn wages they would never get in Mathare and we get oversight and care we could never afford in the states. Our peer mentors have served as volunteers for two years. We are committed to helping ,mentors like Sarah (pictured) to attend college. That raises our cost/per girl but expands the scope of our impact!

Moses and Jaime Okonji

We were working with Moses before Blythe ever began to dream of She Has A Name. Moses and Jaime are the directors of The Inspiration Centre in Mathare and Huruma. They provide hands-on help for hundreds of people every week. Inspiration staff handles lots of logistic details for our travel teams and they keep things running smoothly during the year. Our housemothers and peer mentors are part of the Inspiration Centre Ministries and have been trained by Moses and Jaime. We could not ask for better friends and partners.