Grand Valley Christian Challenge and She Has a Name:  The university students at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction are sharing heart concerns for human trafficking and poverty-based prostitution issues. Since our connection with the world relates primarily to Grand Junction and Mathare (because of student mission projects in recent years), we want to address prostitution issues in these two areas. Further, inasmuch as we cannot solve the entire problem at a global level, or even in a local context, we desire to help select girls to absolute levels of rescue, deliverance and success.

The Inspiration Centre: The ministry is mired in one of the most poverty-stricken spots in the world. Where average salaries are about a dollar per day, the ministry struggles to help feed, care for and employ locals. Moses and Jaime Okonji and friends, combined with the Flatted Fifth project, along with the Inspiration Centre’s educational goals will make them perfect facilitators of the “She has a Name” project. In addition, the Inspiration Centre ministers to a large number of single women, many of whom may be blessed to serve as a house mother to the rescued girls.

Mathare: In an area where 500,000 people are served by three small government schools, where the dropout rate is unimaginable, where the price of a prostitute is similar to that of 3 squares of toilet paper, there are countless girls who are trapped by economic reality. They are forced to choose between starvation and selling themselves. Many of these girls are children with enormous potential.