Sharon recently started her third year of boarding school! Her new life is just beginning.

Sharon is in a Boarding school in the town of Thika. She is thriving in her new environment and is looking forward to our team visit this next Summer and beginning high school. The biggest news is that Sharon has highest marks in Physics!

Sharon is funded though June of 2018

We need to raise $3,500 in her name to fund her through June of 2019

Sharon has a partial sponsor pledged for an indefinite term, leaving unmet financial responsibility, so we continue to fund-raise for her needs.

Watch a video about Sharon!

Finding Sharon - May, 2014

Born in the Kibera slums, this little girl was already living in the throes of poverty when her father was injured in an accident that caused him to lose his leg and eventually his life. Although very smart, her mother could not keep up with her school fees, and she has had to miss much of her schooling. When she was about ten, she learned that there were places that she could make money by sleeping with men. Her experiences there have traumatized her, and her pain was compounded when she was raped in a public toilet. Often,when she does find money to pay her school fees, she is immediately sent home after paying because her bill still has a balance. When she is able to attend classes,she is teased and mocked by her classmates. When we first met Sharon, we could barely hear her speak. When she shared about her experiences as a child prostitute, she cried in Jessica's arms. We do not need to talk her into leaving those choices behind- she runs from them. She was trapped in poverty without hope, but thanks to you,we found her. Her name is Sharon Awino.

We are sending Sharon to a Boarding School in the country. She will have money for food and decent clothes. She will be counseled and cared for through the Inspiration Centre. She is going to be finishing the 7th grade. It will cost us about $3,500  next year to cover her expenses. We want to take care of her for the next nine years to get Sharon all the way through college.She wants to study to be a nurse.