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Let's Build a HOME

We need a home to call our own!  




In Kenya, the cost of rent can change in a blink of an eye. When rent raises, we are forced to move. Inconsistency fuels trauma and can create a pain cycle of self-sabotage. Due to this response, every time we move, a girl leaves the program. We are then forced to choose between being taken advantage of or losing a girl from the program. This needs to change.


The solution is simple, build a home of our very own! This will allow us to bring in more girls into the program and not get taken advantage of. The girls will have a home that fosters healing, growth, love, and consistency! 


We are people that are not afraid of a challenge... even big challenges... like really really big challenges. The land is one of our biggest challenges during this process because we have to pay in full within 90 days of committing to buy land. The people who support this ministry created a victory over this huge challenge! WE OFFICALY BOUGHT LAND! 

Step one has been completed with the incredible power team that are our generous supporters! 



The specific land that we purchased does not have access to water currently. This is good news for us because the well can be bored on our property, allowing us full water rights without having to pay someone for their water. However, we must bore that well! The Well portion of the project will be about $40,000. We have bored the well, built the guardhouse, and the last step will be to buy and install a pump! We will need to build a wall around the property in order to keep our land and supplies safe! Our wall has been quoted at $35,000.

Together, we will need $75,000 for this step! 

Check out our progress so far! 


By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches."

Proverbs 24:3-4


Working with local Kenyan Architects we have put together a vision for our new home. The goals for this home is to house 24 girls in middle school and high school and support 5-10 girls in college. So the program will be able to suport up to 34 girls! This is how lives change, families change, communities change! 

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