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The Letter Project 

We'd love for you to join with us in encouraging our girls!

You can send them your own encouraging letter!

How to Send a Letter

                              There are 2 easy ways to send a letter:


First, you can use the comment section below. Just enter your name and e-mail. In the subject line, write the name of the SHAN girl you want the letter to go to. Then, write your letter and submit!


Second, you can e-mail your letter to: Make sure that the subject line is still the name of the girl you want your letter to go to! 

These letters are meant to be encouraging, uplifting, and fun! Keep that in mind as you write.


Currently, the letters will only be in a digital format, but we are working on more options for the future. 


If you have any questions about the letter project, send them to the e-mail above, or type them in the comment section with the subject line questions. 

Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Write Your Letter Here!

Thanks for encouraging the girls!

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